There was a great atmosphere at Lake Constance – our first SUP tour stop this year – and also the weather was on our side. More than 100 paddlers gathered on the spot next to swimming area Ermatingen and many spectators lined the shore. Never before have we been able to welcome so many paddlers to Ermatingen. Thank you ❤

Alain Luck won the season opening on the long distance after a final sprint in front of Peter Tritten. Guido Doncé, the previous leader of the tour, followed one minute behind. Siri Schubert dominated the women’s race with a lead of almost 2 minutes over Marion Rappl and Tanja Ecker.

There were less paddle strokes and speed in the fun category – but as the name says – lots of fun and action. In the category Fun (almost) everything is allowed. Whether in pairs or with a dog on the board, backwards or with a SUP bike – the main thing was that the participants got wet and the spectators had a lot to laugh about :-D.

For the youngest SUP fans the Naish Kids Days took place in Ermatingen for the first time. Tactics and technical tips are given by Swiss champion Andi Saurer himself at Lake Constance! You can’t start early enough!

A good paddling time until our next tour stop on July 29th in Biel!


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